April 22 2020

Guess My Favourite Food!

Yo and Whuddup dudes!

Can you try to guess my favourite food with just the following clues? When you think you have got it, comment below by inserting a picture of what it is-but be careful of usage rights*!

*Come check out my post on Learn to Use Images Safely and Legally Online.


CLUE #1: It’s a dish from Italy made from unleavened dough.

CLUE #2: It often contains bacon and cheese shavings

CLUE #3: It starts with C

CLUE #4: There are three different serving types (this is probably the most obvious!)-fettucini, spaghetti and penne

CLUE #5: It’s deliciooooouuussssss!!!


Anyways…remember to comment!

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4 thoughts on “Guess My Favourite Food!

  1. nearlypnet

    HI Tong Tong,
    Let me guess…your favourite food is Carbonara. Am I right?
    This post is a really fun idea. Great job.
    Also, I love the layout of the website.

    Stay safe,

    1. summersummo (Post author)

      Good try msyuan, my favourite food is actually carbonara pasta. I’ve never tried calzone before, but it looks delicious!


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