March 24 2020

About TongDaGreat (summersummo)

Yo and Whuddup. I’m TongDaGreat (username summersummo). 

I’m currently 11 years old, turning twelve this year, and I’m Grade 6 at a girls’ school in Victoria, Australia. For me, blogging is fun, relaxing and engrossing; this is where you can share your experiences with others and interact with the people around the world. I am really looking forward to this program, as this is my first time participating. 

I’m a huge reader (love Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus), musicophile, traveller, and foodie. I am really interested in history, mythology, science and digital technology. Sports are also a huge section of my life; I play basketball, participate in a swim squad, go running on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and used to play netball. Some of the extra-curricular activities I participate in are chess club, orchestras (I play the cello), library club, and many more. During my free time, I either spend it reading or playing Minecraft, Roblox or

At home, I have four ‘exotic’ pets (at least I think they’re exotic..maybe not); two yabbies named Jack and Jamie, as well as two fish named Jessica and Jarida. I have trypophobia, which is a fear of dots and closely grouped holes (wierd, I know), and my favourite colours/shades are black and scarlet red. My favourite food you can find out by reading my Guess My Favourite Food Post 

And if you’re curious about what I look like, ‘cos my avatar ain’t that accurate, I am a dark-haired girl with my hair usually in a ponytail and loose strands coming out of it…as well as deep brown eyes (I mean I have deep brown eyes, not my hair has deep brown eyes…that’s wierd). I like to smirk at people I haven’t met before. I dunno why, just happens naturally…and I am Chinese

Nice to meet y’all, world!

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